Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Bashes

Hey peepss!! haha...I am not going to apologize for not updating my blog again since...i am kinda lazy to update nowadays...i have a lot of stuff to erm...lets start with my birthday bashes...haha...At first...haha...i've planned a party back in my hometown and invited a few friends of mine from Inti...but ended up, trip so so sorry for that and i bet you guys had taken all the 'expectations and lust' by heading to Zan Mai sushi and everything is on me! haha...neways, don't wanted to make it wordy....its picture time!!

Celebrated my birthday on the 15th of September...counting dow
n in a bar in Sandakan, Fox Lounge...not so bad...but when the Dj blasts the freaking awful cuz, all techno songs and it nearly kills me...haha...and for the very first time...i reached there around 11.15pm and went home exactly at 1.45am...i bet you know why...I WAS DRUNK LIKE SHIT! HAHA

15th of September 2010

Cousins from Kota Kinabalu..thanks for turning up!! love u guyss!!

too many wishes!! but in the made the one and only wish i wanted the most..haha

the 'candle game' after you've blown the candle..haha..

Mr Billy Ng..thanks for organizing this wonderful and memorable nite!

Love this pic the most!! haha

The last cup attempt of filling alcohol in my body...and Boom! off the ground was sent home..haha

Ms Tina...thanks for the hospitality!! haha

when it comes to 16th of has been 4 years since my last birthday in Sandakan..and of looking forward to celebrate with my 2nd sister wasnt here but its okayy..cuz managed to enjoy myself with my parents and my elder sister...thanks for everything dad and u guysss!! muacksss..and to all my cousins too..haha..thanks guysss...

16th of September 2010

thanks for turning up Clareen and Eve!

Adrian and's been a while since the last time i met them..haha

Miss all my cousinss!! haha

A few slices of my birthday cake...thankss! haha

I don't wish for more as long as all of you will stay healthy all the time and...celebrate each of our birthday together..thats my wish for my u guys =)

thanks for the dinner dad!! haha

POSER! hahaha..muacksss~!!

My dinner plate on that day...lamb chop should be?

Peace to the world!! haha

Playing with my gonna scold me for playing with a knife! haha

thanks to Leiny for the cake...appreciate it a lot..

another family portrait...waiting for u to come back Wei Jie!!

i just love ma home!! haha


cutting off the cake..its really really a delicious cake! yummy!

Ps: i wanted to give a special thanks to Leiny, for planning everything for my early birthday celebration but i did not turn up in the end of the night...i am very sorry for that and we know the reason...anyway..appreciate so so much although we did not really celebrate it..i can sense your sincerity..thanks alot...muackss

thanks... =)

move on to cadee...made me a birthday's been a while since i received birthday cards and it was hand made! haha..really really thank you so so much! haha..and would like to apologise for not turning up..i know you've arranged a wonderful night know am very very sorrryy...newayss..thanks for the card yaa~! =)

she is the one!! thanks shy yi..


Friday, August 6, 2010

Add ups

Hey folksss~~ haha...finally a new post ey?? i've been busy with lotsa stuff these few weeks and months...and now final is just around the corner...sigh~~ but why in a sudden with this new post ey?? haha...according to the title above it is something about adding something what will it be????

it is about 'The Name Giver' list....haha..if you did catch up with my blog last few months ago you will know what am i talking about right who and what is the new name?? haha..will be revealed soon and.........ta daaaa~~!!!

the sampat mei~~ haha...and of course....ehemmm~~ Jaslyn Khong..phewit~~ haha

scratched my head so much in getting a name for her..and suddenly an old friend of mine pop out in my mine..her name is Jasmine...but...neh~~ not gonna name her Jasmine of course..then in a sudden with the pronunciation of my tongue with the combination of sweets in my mouth of that time...hahaha...and here comes a new name...i don't have a a friend name Jaslyn in my here you go...a girly name for you sampat mei~~ Jaslyn Kong from now on...^^

here are some fellow friends that i've named them...add up with one..the lastes...Jaslyn...hahah

the first person that i named...Leiny

move on it's Ayden..with the definition of cool~~ duh =.= hahaha

Jael is the next name..A model's name..u better send me your gratitude~!! haha

my greatest satisfaction of all..Chezanne...the one and only ey?? haha

and here you go more sampat mei~~ and its Jaslyn Khong right now..hehe..hope you will like it... ^^

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Enjoyable night with explosive NEWS!!

20th of June explosive night that filled me with shocking and surprising news!! I can't really accept all the facts at the same time..but you know..haha..i will and always take things easily...haha...i've called hibernating in my room for exactly two whole days without stepping out from my house after Ah Beee left...but not tonight because a close friend of mine brought her the other half for a meet up..haha

and here you besties, Shin Hui that finally found her the other half...thanks for introduction!! haha

Move on with our story...before that i dropped by Steve's house to meet up with Shin Hui for the tea time...and guess what...and this is the moment i filled with shock!! haha...he showed me a porn and guess what....THE GUY IN THE PORN IS MY FRIEND!! AHHHH!! how clumsy are you!! So..i am here wishing you that nothing happens on you...i've done what a friend should do..and hopefully nothing will happen and i am not sure how many copies of your video out there~~ all the best dude...AND HELL YEAH~~ STEVE, YOU ALWAYS FILL ME WITH EXCITEMENT..LOVE YA DUDE!! HAHA~!!

Mr Steve....always a calm and steadily solver..

Next would be the awareness of two friends of mine, COUPLED UP IN A SUDDEN WITHOUT ANY ANNOUNCEMENT!! hahaha...glad to know that and here is my congratulations for both of is always a good news when two people coupled up together and build a new bond between them..and thanks to Mr Ng Ting Yao, i got to know about this good news..but...IT IS SO SHOCKING BECAUSE I'VE NEVER THOUGHT OF IT BEFORE! hahaha

here you go...Mr Yao..thanks for the good news..hehe

Last but not least, another news that 'amazed' me...and i bet most of you heard about it is about an affair between a student and a lecturer...because of that both lecturers are having a divorce right now due to the affair..sigh~~ shame on the third party as you shouldn't do such thing...but the blame shouldn't be on you alone, Mr xxxxxxx!! You are always a good lecturer to me but..haha..not a good husband to me...hehehe..and thanks to Shin Hui and Madeline, i got to know this news..haha..indeed...a great night!!

oh look great with this hairstyle...hehehehe~~

before this...let put more picture in this post...hehe...introducing...

Shin Hui..the lovely dovey with her new boy boy...our latest pic..5th of May 2010

Mr only 'bra' that i can wear on...haha..our latest pic..18th of April 2010

Ah Yao go go~~ the sampat of all!! haha...our latest pic...25th of March 2010

it is always great talking with ya...Madam..our latest pic..25th of July 2009

ps: seriously we need to take pic of urs is getting old..haha


CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU~!! haha...happy for you guys...wish you guys have the sweetest time of all~~!!

The Current me, filled with same old questions

The current me...i bet everybody knows what am i busy with at this moment...i'm not sure about others impression on me but to those who are just my friends, not too close friends, they will definitely ask me these questions and they are always the opening line for our you want to give it a shot on those questions??

First of all

' is everything going in Social Board?' or 'How is the preparation of Orientation Night?


'hey is the participants for this semester?' or 'HOT CHICKS or PORKS this time?'

haha...i am kind of used to all the questions that related to Social Board...but, well...same old and always the same answer will be given to those questions...and my answer is....


and of course i did not say the losers verbally...haha..kept it in my guys just love to judge us and why don't you run the event and give it a try?? haha..anyway..Social Board never disappoints me with all the funs and enjoyable moment although it is so farking here are some pictures of us...enjoy and do support us on the 7th of July 2010..see you guys there~!!

some of us...always the posers and happy go lucky us...

Kevin...the one that always make things go smoothly..

Seniors of all...Seniors and a junior..guess...haha

having fun with the torch light and look at the size of it! haha..

ahhh~~ just love the moment so much~~ haha

My favourite pic of the night!!

The great senior, seniors of all, senior and a junior...GUESS!

Our dance coordinator...The sampat among the sampats~~

Friday, April 30, 2010

Seremban Trip

helllooo there...this post is mostly about my new born baby!! haha...earned myself a lil pocket money and with the help from my sis..finally i manage to get myself a new phone...and she is my baby right favorite of all that will never hurt my feeling nor any disappointment, at this moment..haha...but wait til the end of the month when the phone bill arrives..omg~~ haha..picture time for my new born baby!!

was so excited when this box has taken out..hahaha


Finally...she is lovely dovey wifey...muackss!!

Besides that i need to send my greatest gratitude to my lovely bro..Carmen...for being such a great tour guide in filling my time in Seremban with great food and great people..haha...thanks ya!
the legendary 14th floor apartment...haunted all the time..but for me..its kinda old oldie oldie cement..haha

my very first meal in seremban..just right below the haunted apartment

Carmen cooked it for me!! haha

she made it all by herself too..and its huge~!! haha

after our first meal...on our way for a tea in Alan's Cafe..the cafe where she used to hang out everyday..hehe

in Alan's cafe..waiting for Alex to turn up...hehe

a brand new beef noddle..never expected it would taste totally different..haha

my first bite...haha..not bad...6/10 haha

its bitter but i love it!! i dono what the name of it..but it taste great!!

from de left: Carmen, Alex and Hui Jin...thanks for your accompany!!

it has been a great day spending time with my bros and sistas, and it is time to head back to my home...Nilai, took a cab back and keep on noticing my phone...No text msgs nor calls from her...hmm~~ suspecting something should have happened...without thinkin too much i jus gave her a buzz...according to her tone i bet something had happened and she did not tell me anything bout it...jus after i hung up...this is wad happened....

The front mirroor suddenly cracked!!

Was shocked when it suddenly cracked..haha